Eurobeery 2012: Ukraine v France, Sweden v England

Group D: Ukraine v France

Somewhere in France there's a certain brasserie. They make a Belgianesque blonde and serve kidneys in a juniper jus. It makes you wonder if the next town will have similar to offer. It makes you despair that there aren't more places in England that carry off brewpub beer and quality food with such... je ne sais quoi.

Somewhere in the Ukraine, there may be such a place that equals La Brasserie Historique de l’Abbaye du Cateau. But I've never been, so I don't know.

Result: Ukraine 0 France 1

Group D: Sweden v England

At the time of writing, England have yet to beat the Swedes in a football tournament. So, how can I make this a fair match-up?

By picking two breweries that both produce a range of styles and letting them go head to head over five of them? Why not?

It's Nils Oscar versus Thornbridge.

God Lager v Steelmaker (helles): Both have the Tettnanger twang but the cleaner malt finish of God Lager just pips in at the post. 1 -0

India Ale v Jaipur (IPA): Let's pretend that the two centre-forwards behind one of Thornbridge's finest creations weren't actually Italian and Scottish, shall we... 1-1

Kalasöl v Kill Your Darlings (Vienna): One of the first Nils Oscar beers I ever tried and the one I'd gladly keep a case of. Whereas Thornbridge go for the hop-twist finish, Kalasöl is comfy with its maltyness. One of those drinks that sits so well with a whole range of dishes that I'd love to see it in 75cl bottles as a table beer. 2-1

Brown Ale v Ashford (brown). The latter sneaks it, thanks to a finish which lifts the caramel-led flavour into some place interesting. 2-2

There's time added on. One last push from both sides, calling for strength and depth at this late stage.

Imperial Stout v St Petersburg (imperial stout). Nils' offering is a classy act. The scraping of just-burned toast. Soft chocolate drops. Coffee forgotten, now cold and mellow. It's hard to see how it could be beat. Has St Petersburg got maybe a touch more autumnal berry, a smoother roast, a hint of tobacco smoke? Yes, yes and yes.

Result: Sweden 2 England 3

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