EuroBeery 2012: The Group Stage

There's been cheers and tears and beers and dancing in the streets of Donetsk. Now it gets seriously serious.

I have to sit down and work out pints - sorry, points - and goal difference etc. Except I don't, because I didn't get where I am in the analytical world today by working it all out manually. Oh no.

I search the internet for an easy solution.

Over at they just happen to have a handy fixtures / table compiler, which works as long as the dopey organic thing on the end of the keyboard can remember how to spell Engerland.

Here we go.

Quarter Final 1 will be Czech Republic v Denmark (old lager v new school?)

QF2 is Germany v Poland (don't mention the war etc)

QF3 sees Italy play Sweden (new waves of European brewing?)

QF4 pits England against Spain (don't mention the war again, although I probably will)

One side could be merely 270 minutes away (plus added time for feigned injury, slow substitutions and protracted protestations about a goal that was blatantly not over the line even with three officials watching but we don't really care because it's retribution for what happened to Lamps in 2010) from EuroBeery glory.

Game on!