EuroBeery 2012: Greece v Czech Republic, Poland v Russia

It's the second round of group matches for Scoop's EuroBeery 2012. Will I manage to find anything original to say having expended most of my meagre knowledge during the first round?

Group A: Greece v Czech Republic

The centre-forward who's a relative newcomer, has an easy-going style and is adored by his countrymen. The attacking midfielder who has a revered family name, a history of victories and a connoisseur's touch.

Youth is outmuscled by experience. Mythos may play well on its home turf, but Budvar scores all around the world. Budvar Yeast shaves the post; a nearly-but-not-quite kind of beer. Budvar Dark clips the bar. Budvar Half and Half  flies over the top higher than a Roberto Baggio penalty.

Result: Greece 0 Czech Republic 2 (... I can never have only one Budvar so the goal has to be worth double).

Group A: Poland v Russia

The other group match was a lager saga; this is a battle of the Baltic Porters. Thick-set defenders with hands the size of shovels and thighs the size of bison. Smothering strength. A hint of complexity.

Baltika is good but at the end of the day it seems only to emulate greatness. Zywiec exemplifies it.

Result: Poland 2 Russia 1 (not that I feel Zywiec is twice as good as Baltika but I can't award 1.36 of a goal).

More tomorrow.