EuroBeery 2012: Italy v Ireland, Croatia v Spain

Round 3: Italy v Ireland

It has been said that great writers are able to assimilate unfamiliar topics and still produce professional, engaging, emotional prose.

Sod that for a game of marbles. It's a beautiful evening and I have 1001 better things to do tonight than pontificate about beer.

Italy take the lead through Verdi Imperial Stout and the Irish cry into their Diageo.

Result: Italy 1 Ireland 0

Round 3: Croatia v Spain

As I still haven't found a Croatian beer, it's left to the Spanish to field Moritz up front, round the back, on the sunlounger, by the pool, down the beach and in the plaza. You can't beat a six-pack. If any importers / distributors can let me know where I can buy a six-pack of Moritz - or ideally a slab of them - do let me know. This occasional summer is making me thirsty.

Result: Croatia 0 Spain 6

Italy top the group, Spain qualify too. More rollocks tomorrow.