EuroBeery 2012: Quarter Final 4, England v Spain

Quarter Final 4: England v Spain

"Guinea Pigs and Cider".

Sometimes, the simplest question elicits an awkward answer.

I've been asking around as to what I'm missing in my Spanish beer knowledge. A fair few of you said cider. You scamps. I've had a few of them - all too-fleeting tasters - and certainly need to haul myself over Basque country to try some more.

The experimental Guinea Pig brews by Yria also seem to have a lot of love. I don't know whether this is because of their bleeding-edge style (wood-aged imperial IPA...) or the intrinsic quality of the beer. I'd like to find out, so if you make it over there and have space in your suitcase, feel free to visit one of these places and pick me up a bottle or two. I'll swap you for some home-made jam*. Or something**.

Somewhere there's a Spanish beer that's crafted as intricately as La Roja's midfield possession play. Meanwhile, all England need to progress is a beer that makes you do a Stuart Pearce.

Magic Rock Cannonball does that to me. No nonsense, back of the net, makes you want to shout "COME ON!!!"***.

Result: England 1 Spain 0

* jam may not actually be made at my home. Or anyone else's home. Unless someone lives in a jam factory.
** The phrase 'something' may be substituted for 'any old crap that I've been given and want to foist off'
*** Or, as Psycho clearly says, "'FUCKING COME ON!!!". But only if you're in the kind of company that appreciates course and vulgar goings on. Mentioning no names ****
**** Kristy McCready