EuroBeery 2012: Italy v Croatia, Spain v Ireland

Can I take a day off?

Group C: Italy v Croatia

It takes so little for Italy to win that they get through courtesy of that 66ml bottle of lager they sell in Aldi.

Result: Italy 1 Croatia 0

Group C: Spain v Ireland

I once had a Basque cider that was shit-kickingly good and makes me want to go to one of those cider festivals around Gipuzkoa. In fact, I really fancy a long week in that neck of the woods; catch some football at Real Unión, get over to the Guggenheim in Bilbao. And drink more of that cider. And get me some properly long long long roasted pigbits.

Result: Spain 1 Ireland 0

More tomorrow. Apparently.


  1. you really need to get out more! i don't deny Italy is better for beer than Croatia, but you haven't tried a single croat beer?? Tomislav is right up there!

  2. And Catalan beer is rapidly becoming one of the most interesting markets of Europe now.... yes. You need to get out and see more than Derbyshire occasionally.