EuroBeery 2012: Quarter Final 1, Czech Republic v Denmark

Quarter Final 1: Czech Republic v Denmark

I don't want to turn this into tradition versus innovation.

Czech beer for me is defined by pils; pils for me is defined by the Czechs. You can dress it up any which way you want to; Urquell on tap, Bernard in bottles, who-knows-what in discount supermarkets and dive bars. I love the tradition; not the history, not the bragging rights. I love their pride in their style and their knowledge that no-one can honestly do it better. 

Danish beer for me is defined by undefinability. Almost single-handedly due to Mikkeller but also the likes of Evil Twin. Yes, at times it feels like I'm paying for the privilege of being a beta tester. Yes, I've had some Mikkellers that I found undrinkable. But when it works, when your senses tell you you're experiencing something special and you're still unsure as to why it works... that's magical beer. 

When tradition results in exemplary style with substance, it's difficult for me to ignore. When innovation results in rewards that could never be attained without undertaking commercial and reputational risk, it's hard for me not to applaud it.

1-1, then? Not quite.

For me, one of these countries has outstanding tradition *and* innovation. And so for both their glorious pilsners and adventurous breweries like Broumov and Matuška, the Czech Republic take the first semi-final slot.

Result: Czech Republic 3 Denmark 1