Through a glass: Westmalle

The last of my Belgian Trinity. I bought glasses from Straffe Hendrik and Duvel because I loved the beers. I bought this one from Westmalle because it looks stunning.

See that pattern cut into the glass near the stem? I have no idea what it is, but the lozenge-shaped indents are just big enough to take your thumb and index finger. So it sits in your hand with great balance. And looks stunning.

It gets used for every Belgian and Belgique beer I drink. Ones where you want to savour the aroma by shoving your face in. Ones where you take a long, slow sip and have that "aaaaaahhhh! Beer!" moment. And you look down at the glass you're cradling and think: that looks stunning.

Thanks to beermerchants for the bottle of Tripel that went into that stunning glass tonight


  1. Beautiful. Mine only gets allowed out for occasions when I treat myself to a Westmalle - my favourite beer - I'm too scared to break it!

  2. First beer glass I ever bought. Such a lovely heft to it as well.