Beer Blogging For Dummies?

Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer posted today about the forthcoming Food Blogging For Dummies book.

My ghast was well and truly flabbered.

Is this shark-jumping of the highest order? Is it an unintentional indictment of how commercialised food blogging has become, particularly in the US?

Or has April 1st come around and I've been in a Rip van Winkle state?

Can we really expect a similar tome for beer blogging? Well, I found this advance proof of the cover art. Be afraid. Be very afraid...


  1. Cool, Mike Hunt is one of my favourite authors!

  2. No such title is on its way. Stan wrote that as a joke. The book cover thumbnail can be easily made on the publisher's (John Wiley & Sons) website.
    -Marty Nachel, author,
    "Beer for Dummies"
    "Homebrewing for Dummies"