Single hopped beer surprise

Single-hopped beers delight and annoy me in equal measure. They can showcase complex flavours wihin a varietal that may otherwise be muddied in a multi-hop sorbet. And yet they can be overpowering reminders of why some hops shouldn't be allowed out by themelseves.

The doyens of artisinal brewing such as Mikkeller and Brewdog have embraced the single-hop concept. So, too, have brewers such as Adnams and Acorn; maybe not obvious candidates for such experimentation but both have now had beers listed by the Nicholson's chain (Green Bullet and Sorachi Ace respectively).

If you'd told me even three years ago that I'd be drinking a Sorachi-Ace-single-hopped beer in an English pub chain, I'd have thought you were barking.

Which is why I shouldn't really have been too surprised to find another brewer is about to dabble in the single-hopped market. With one every month through 2012. Including varieties such as Kohatu and Wai-iti, New Zealand hops that I've yet to try in any beer.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Because the brewer is Marston's.

You know; strait-laced, dependable, Marston's. Purveyors of Pedi. Which I still drink often - I live and work in the heart of Pedi country here in the East Midlands.

I'm genuinley excited by this. When a brewery with the size and scale of Marston's develops a year-long single-hop guest beer programme, I get the feeling that it's no longer just a bunch of geeks who are asking for more than brown session bitter. With Wai-iti due into trade on January 1st, I'm looking forward to a new year of new (and old) single-varietal hopped beers. In pubs where I wouldn't normally expect to find them.


  1. Kohatu and Wai-Iti... nice hops!

  2. Good for Marstons for trying something different! I've had the press releases but haven't read them properly... is it the same base beer just with different hop additions?