Adnams; an eye for the retail market

When visiting Norfolk and Suffolk earlier in the year, I was really impressed by the Adnam's Cellar & Kitchen stores. There's more to Adnams than beer, of course;  they're wine importers, distil their own spirits and I'm a sucker for their kitchen and barware.

So I was interested to see that they've now secured a concession stand inside House of Fraser in Norwich. Adnams have had a unit in the Chapelfields centre before; perhaps this is a way of securing a foothold without the prohibitive expense of running a full retail unit.

It's a canny move in my eyes. Placing your product - premium beer, spirits and wines -right under the noses of consumers who are squarely in your demographic. Encouraging that cross-over purchase; not just a random box of stuff covered in Christmas tack but a clearly-branded, locally-renowned product.

I hope it's a success and one that can be rolled out to other stores. I hope that the concession isn't just a couple of shelves but has Cellar & Kitchen staff running it - I've found them to be excellent. And I'm trying to think of other brewers who may benefit from this retailing model.... but I'm not sure there's many who could.

Given Adnams' diverse offering, I reckon they could become the key alcohol concession retailer in the UK. Shopping centres, railway stations, airports... I can see the Beer From The Coast working its way across the country. I'll drink to that.