Through a glass: Duvel

The Martin's Hotel in Brugge has a lot to answer for. It's where I first drank Straffe Hendrik and Duvel. I enjoyed the former and was captivated by the latter: for the rest of the long weekend I ordered Duvel wherever I went and became entranced by the glass. A bonnie-bottomed tulip with outrageous head-space, all designed to make the beer shine.

It became the second ever beer glass that I bought. And it still gets used; I couldn't think of drinking Duvel out of anything else. Every time I drink from it, I'm transported back to Brugge and my 2005 beer epiphany. Romanticism combines with memory every time; the smell of mayo on salty frites, the dry warmth of patio heaters, the silent service where a tilted head was signal enough for another round to be brought over.

But can you improve an iconic design? What if the glass became canvas? Since 2010, Duvel have been inviting artists to make their mark. The Duvel Collection has already involved the likes of Parra and Denis Meyers producing eclectic works; this year sees more limited edition pieces released. Sculptor Arne Quinze designed the one in the rear of the picture below; by far and away my favourite though is the stunner in red and black typography by Stefan Glerum.

(and if you only follow one hyperlink on this page, go take a look at Stefan's seven deadly sins).

Think you can do better? Then give it a go. Duvel are running a competition to find a design that will be added to the collection. The design kit and full competition details can be found on the collection's website. Closing date is 31st December 2011 and you need to be an adult resident in the UK, Belgium, France or the Netherlands to enter.

I'm off to sharpen my crayons...

Many thanks to Duvel Moortgat for the Duvel Collection glassware and Beermerchants for the beers.

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  1. How cool is that red and black effort! Mayo and Frites?!? Awesome. one of my favourite guilty pleasure. Fuck Ketchup.