For the love of Jever

By rights, this should be a Reluctant Scooper write-up about my Leeds bimble.

But who cares about pre-Leeds drinkies of Thornbridge/Kernel collaboration beer in the Sheffield Tap? About tip-top Jaipur in the Victoria, a pub so Victorian you expect consumptive chimney sweeps to con a penny from you? About oak-aged, Bowmore-laced, Summer Wine Cossack stout in Mr Foleys?

Because North Bar serve Jever. Pints of Jever. In ten-sided glasses that make you feel so manly that you're in danger of growing another cock as you drink it.

(Or, if you're a lady, you could possibly grow another lady cock. Potentially. No guarantees).

So, here's my Top Seven Reasons To Visit North Bar

1) Pints of Jever

2) More pints of Jever

3) Even more pints of... seriously, did you not see where this was going?

4) Great staff

5) Great music played underneath the level of conversation

6) Free Wifi and and they let me recharge my phone

7) Jever. Natch.

Jever Jever Jever! Oi! Oi! Oi!

For the record at North Bar: Schneider Weisse X  Nelson Sauvin had promise but failed to deliver. Just like a blousy divorcee. Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout is tasty, but not £5.50-a-half tasty. Not when the Sheffield Tap is selling Magic Rock Dark Arts for about four quid a pint - the best damn kegged dark beer you can buy in this country.