A handy reference for International Stout Day

Turning to page 307 of the 'Year of Social Media Beery Things' diary, I see that today is International Stout Day.

(incidentally, is this going to continue until every style has a fan-day of its own? If so, I'm looking forward to International Gose Day, celebrated by all its fans in a telephone box somewhere in Leipzig).

Now, I'm not one to buy into the hype of these 'events'. But I thought I ought to show willing.

So, here's the Reluctant Scooper Essential Guide to Stout. And Porter. Of course.

Porter - See STOUT

Porter, Fellowship & Ticket - See ZYTHOPHILE

Porter, Market - see 9 Stoney Street, Borough, London, SE1 9AA

Stout - see PORTER

Porter, Stout - See STOUT PORTER

Stout, Breakfast - see MIKKEL BORG BJERSØ

Stout, Dry - Don't see GUINNESS

Stout, Imperial - see ZYTHOPHILE AGAIN

Stoute, Michael - see SHERGAR

Stout, Oatmeal - see READY BREK

Stout, Oyster - see MICHAEL JACKSON


I'll be cracking open a bottle or two of Harvey's Imperial Extra Double Stout later on. Rude not to, etc...


  1. Isn't Galactose the big blue and purple guy from Marvel comics?

  2. The irritating thing is, in a couple of years' time International Gose Day will be celebrated by about 2000 people at the inaugural AGM of the International Gose Brewers' Association, in Denver CO. With a very special guest, a genuine German person.

    (I'm going to resist any requests for explanation of why this thought is irritating.)