The Right not to Write

Back in the day when I sat at a desk to write, on the corkboard front and centre was an extract from "Comme un roman", an essay by Daniel Pennac. Later translated as 'The Rights Of The Reader', it taught me many valuable lessons. Foremost, the right to not read and the right to be silent.

I'm thinking of working up the Rights of the Blogger. The right to not comment. The right to not read blogrolls. The right to not post.

Can you tell it's almost time for my New Year break? There's a winter high tide of beery bullshit on the web again.

And because one of Pennac's original rights was 'The right to sample and steal', the above sumptuous illustration was acquired from Walker Books.


  1. "There's a winter high tide of beery bullshit on the web again."

    Speak for yourself. Not on my blog there isn't.


  2. I read an article ages ago which said that if you need a break from blogging, or don't feel like posting, you shouldn't; and you should also avoid apologising for it. I certainly hate reading blogs where the last six posts, posted three months apart, are apologies for not blogging more.