Man walks into a cellar...

... orders a pint of Jaipur, buys a chunk of Stilton and sits on a stool by a barrel to enjoy his beer and cheese.

And he's not dreaming.

The General Havelock in Ilkeston is remarkable in many ways. A range of beers that appeal to a wide audience - Mansfield Smooth to Marble Little Jim, for instance. The Art Deco-meets-Minimalist decor, extending out to a water garden that wouldn't look out of place in the foyer of a seven-star hotel. But sitting in a pub cellar and being served Jaipur straight from the cask, with a damn fine creamy piece of Stilton alongside, is as close to beery perfection as I can imagine.

There's more to be written about this astounding pub. I'll have to fire up the Big Camera, get some decent pics and report back.

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  1. Do. did you try the Little Jim? I thought it really interesting, almost sherry-like in it's aroma. A really interesting beer! (Although hardly a sessioner...!)