I'm Open

You may have noticed that I'm quite keen on Pearl Jam. There's a certain something about more than just the music which has always appealed. I don't know if it's the attitude, the activism, the actions that define them as being a unit that wil not be bound or moulded by anyone except themselves.

I don't expect other people to like them. When I find fellow fans, it's always cool to chat about your favourite hour-long encore or lost dog. But I know plenty of people don't - or won't - get on with the band. That's cool too.

Given the choice of listening to one band for the rest of my natural days, it'd be Pearl Jam. Every mix tape I've made for others since the early nineties (what do you call mixtapes now they're mp3 playlists?) has had a PJ track segued into it. I want people to be taken by surprise, to say "Wow! That was.... well, I'm not sure what it was but I know I like it".

What if they don't like it? Cool. I won't preach to people on what music they should love. I don't judge people by the music they listen to - I've eclectic tastes and I've discovered amazing music from all around the world by keeping my ears open, mouth shut and mind open.

Ditto for beer.

When did you last win an argument about music by saying "the band's you like are shit; the one's I like are better. In fact, they're AWESOME!!!".

There is no enlightened path to beer nirvana that starts out with cooking lager and progresses inexorably towards giddily dry-hopped heights.

If you love a beer, tell people why you love it. Not why you hate another.

No-one is a lesser drinker for loving the beer they do to the exclusion of others. No-one should be criticised for enjoying a beer that's been part of their life for longer than they care to remember, even if tired blogging eyes see such beers as off-trend.

I'm off now to uncork a bottle of a beer first brewed in Belgium for Christmas in 1926. And I know, dear reader, you won't judge me for it. Will you?

It's short and sweet. Go enjoy it

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