Life Wasted

"You're always saying that there's something wrong"

Their beer is shit. They can't brew for shit. I've never rated their beers. He can't keep a beer. She never orders in the good stuff. When I ordered beers for the festival I made sure we got the good stuff.

The smoking ban killed it. You can't get a seat unless you eat. There's no point in going since they stopped opening in the afternoons. He won't do cellar runs. His ego's longer than his coat.

"You're warm with negativity... But why let the sad song play?"

There are many beery people who, in real life or digital, can do nothing but moan. Who cannot be happy.

Unless they're bitter.

Screw bad vibes. Go watch PJ rip up Letterman.


  1. But history will venerate Cassandra more than Pollyanna...

  2. Good point matey. it does rankle me sometimes too!

  3. Couldn't agree more. It is clear that some people often only write/ post comments/ blog/ tweet/ send letters to editors/ write reviews if they have something negative to say. Remember advice we are given as children... 'If you haven't got something nice to say, don't say it at all.'