Some of my first drafts revolve around an irritant. Something annoying, exasperating, WTF?ing. Most of them don't make it to a second draft. Typing the thoughts out and then hitting delete is catharsis enough.

This year, I've been fostering ever-greater indifference towards those irritants. Life's too short to be pissed off. I'd rather be critical and constructive.

So, I now have an Indifference List. For those events and things which lie outside my control. And no amount of blogging, invective or reasoning will change. So I won't bother.

- those Twitter conversations between followers about where and when they're going to the pub. Fascinating. (And, yes, I've been guilty of that one).

- people who check into Foursquare every twenty minutes and insist on sharing the fact, even though we don't care where you are drinking or picking up your dry cleaning. Or which GUM clinic you use.

- brewers that retweet pubs when said pub puts on one of their beers.

- anyone that asks for a RT

- individuals who crash into Twitter / Facebook conversations to blag beer from brewers for review.

- individuals who think every new beer by a new brewery / every collaboration beer / every rare beer is AWESOME!!!

- individuals who think signing an e-petition will ever make a difference (armchair resistance; the English disease)

- individuals who measure themselves by hit count and follower numbers and other social media stats

- Google Plus (tumbleweed of the internet)

- Wikio / ebuzzing / whatever the 'seeded media company' of the month is

- Black IPA

- Craft Beer

- Keg v Cask

- beer and food

- theoretical IBUs

- video beer reviews

- comments on blogs that are longer than the original post

- comments on blogs that start "I've said very much the same thing on my blog, here's a link..."

- comments on blogs that are of the spit-flecked, green-inked, why-o-why-o-why type

- Brewdog deliveries

... and, breathe out. And, just for once, press Publish.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this blog, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily. It's only beer.

"I won't change direction / and I won't change my mind"


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  1. black ipa is sooo yesterday! the new beer style for 2012 is Pale Blue Stout served from monkey balls and only available in pubs that closed down 5 years ago due to their owners not giving a shit.
    Happy New Year.