What you do for beer

Wait for a bus that turns up late as the rain starts to build and get off near a pub where you sharp-elbow your way into the bar then retreat to a candlelit table to savour some keg Thornbridge Chiron and half a crossword before moving off and getting lashed by the deluge as you steer towards the pub that has expectedly an Oakham beer/unexpectedly it's Green Devil and you drip in a corner by a dank dog and his whiffy owner whilst devouring a cheese and tomato half-baguette then leave and skirt a puddle that doesn't look like a puddle but you know it's a puddle when it's right up to the fucking middle of your fucking shin so you shake it off on the pavement and dive into a place that plays the Beatles and knows it's ploughing a better furrow that the rest and serves a beer that probably isn't named after a Muppet nor a film about free diving but it's still called Big Blue and it still enthralls you and annoys you that it's tinged with sweetness and would benefit from being drier and actually Be Really Fucking Great If It Was On Keg.

That's what I do for beer. What do you do?


  1. See? If you didn't drink keg beer you wouldn't have that problem.

  2. It would appear your mistake was leaving the pub that had Green Devil.