Movember. Again. Sorry.

Some of you have seen me with a beard & 'tache.

No, not that one.

And really, really not that one.

Well, it's all about the 'tache for the next thirty days.

It's Movember.

What's great about it is that so many peeps that I know are taking part. So the cash gets splashed around thinner this year but maybe - just maybe - we can still all raise more than ever.

I will, of course, be mixing inadequate facial hair growth with my usual mix of outrageous facepaint and idiot drinking shenanigans. But only if you give me some money.

So you can donate here:

And you may notice that I'm part of a team - literally. Younger but balder guys at Derby County Football Club are 'taching it up too. They will look like Mexican porn stars. I'll look like a fat sixth-former who's been orally pleasuring a sparrow.

Come on, people. The cash you were about to spend on that pint? Chuck it in my virtual bucket.

I'll give you a kiss if you do. After I've shaved on December 1st, natch...