Small pours and the self-reinforcing circle

Extracted from Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Quoting Carol Dollard, ex-new product development for Pepsi, on the problems inherent in central location tests (where small samples of drinks are analysed at a venue):

"... consumers might taste three or four different products in a row, taking a sip or a couple of sips of each. A sip is very different from sitting and drinking a whole beverage on your own. Sometimes a sip tastes good and a whole bottle doesn't. That's why home-use tests give you the best information.

Dollard says, for instance, that one of the biases in a sip test is towards sweetness: "if you only test in a sip test, consumers will like the sweeter product. But when they have to drink a whole bottle or can, that sweetness can get really overpowering or cloying."

Quads and imperial stouts are some of the highest-rated beers on and With many ratings garnered from festivals and shared bottles.


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  1. certainly measure size would have a factor on enjoyment. Stronger richer beers are always better served in smaller measure, the question is how small to get the full measure.