Ship in a can. On a train

The 0934 from Nottingham to Norwich departs from Platform 3b and calls at Grantham, Peterborough, Ely and Thetford, arriving into Norwich at 1213. A scooper's packup of ham & mustard cobs, pork pie and Adnams Ghost Ship is available at seat 28a.

Just outside Ely, as the train waits to pull into the station close to the towering cathedral, I declare it to be beer o'clock. The can of Ghost Ship came out my fridge and into my rucksack a little over three hours ago but it's still cool. Citric prickle in the aroma is enhanced by the can's carbonation. A spot of toffee, a strong bitter finish.

Lurching in and back out of of Ely and the can is gone. Having done what a can of beer should do. Appear where and when it's needed and satiate the drinker whether it's on a beach, up a mountain, by a lake or on a train.

I'd have taken it up a mountain. But there aren't any mountains in Norfolk. Although there's quite a tricky hill just outside West Runton. Apparently.

Ghost Ship in cans can be bought online from the Adnams shop. Thanks to the brewery for the review samples.


  1. Quite a tricky hill? Flat doesn't do Norfolk justice does it? Betting there are pubs higher up than that in Nottingham without leaving the city!

  2. Beautiful photos and region that deserves a visit