The Session #69: The Perfect Beer World?

This month's Session on the topic of 'The Perfect Beer World' is brought to us by Jorge at Brew Beer And Drink It.

Where would the world of beer blogging be without the wishlists, the if-only posts, the "if I ruled the world" attitudes? The world of beer put to rights on the back of an envelope? Like this one:

But it's a lot simpler than that. A perfect beer world is a pipedream. Yet, maybe....

... if we stopped the endless circular arguments about how to define craft beer / Black IPA, if we realised that denigrating other breweries / methods of dispense / styles of beer can only result in pyrrhic victories, if we wasted less time chasing the next great imperial gooseberry hefeweizen aged in café marron barrels just because someone tweeted that it's AWESOME!...

... if we enjoyed beer, enjoyed the fact that the next person enjoys their beer too even though it's not the beer we enjoy...

... if we enjoyed beer. If we truly believed that beer is brewed to be enjoyed. That when we lose sight of that, we lose beer's soul.

Nobody's perfect. But I'd drink to that.


  1. So, are the BJCP style guidelines really that omnipresent in the UK (or Poland, or Belgium, or Spain, pick a country)?

  2. It's that they're becoming referred to increasingly as some kind of lodestone. When stylistic arguments kick off, it's the BJCP that gets dragged in as being the last word.

    Trying to nail down a beer style in precise, objective terms is akin to dancing about architecture with angels on a pinhead.

  3. Pork pies.... we don't have that tradition as such in Ireland and we are not the better for it. I wish we could get pork pies in the average boozer over here.