When You Drink Beer

Sometimes in monochrome

Sometimes in colour

You go to pubs and drink with people like this

And this

And this

And this

And you see a brewery grow from this

to this

And you have game-changing days like this

And attend events like this

And go to beer festivals like this

where you meet tickers like this

and this

and after sessions like this

you may need urinals like this

and you may regret looking like this

and giving your camera to someone else like this

And you end up doing this

When you drink beer


  1. Brilliant. There should be more photoblogs like this - they work so well and tell a story better than any words could.

  2. I love this post. Wonderful, and entirely right. those loos - the phil?

  3. Reluctant Scooper24 May 2011 at 12:24

    Leigh, it is indeed the Gents at the Philharmonic in Liverpool.