Twenty breweries: Steel City

Gazza Prescott and Dave Szwejkowski of Steel City Brewing can be objectionable, arrogant, opinionated and bloody-minded. That's why I like them; that's why I like their beers.

With a clear idea on what to brew - hoppy as hell - they could have stuck to homebrew bucket-action in a garage. Instead, they operate as a 'cuckoo' brewery, using other brewplants to produce mainly light, hoppy beers in what they call a 'Mid-Atlantic' style. As they have strong opinions about beer - US hops, good; crystal malt, bad - it's good to see them walking the walk and not just loudmouthing the talk.

The results may be divisive but at least they're never boring. As they have full-time jobs, beer production is sporadic but that adds to the thrill of the chase for beer tickers and lovers of humulus lupulus alike.

Just do us a favour, guys. Brew something really hoppy. You know you want to ;-)

Why try? They know what hops can do and they aren't afraid to use them

What to look for? They don't have regular brews: check their website for details

Where to buy? Most likely to be found in Sheffield (Wellington, Rutland), Worcester (Dragon) and, er, Horsley Woodhouse and Kilburn in Derbyshire (Old
Oak and Hunter's Arms)


  1. "objectionable, arrogant, opinionated and bloody-minded" - is that more like me, or Tandleman. Close call probably.

  2. Well thanks for thinking of me! (-;

  3. i object to that description of me... you've missed out belligerent