Twenty breweries: Thornbridge

Regular readers know I'm a huge fan of Thornbridge. I've brewed beers with them. I go out drinking with them. They send me samples. I've supportive of all they do. I write about them often.


It's this simple: I still get a buzz when they release a new beer. Do other brewers make me feel the same way? Well, I can count the number of them on the fingers of one hand.

The owner, Jim Harrison, knows what he wants. Head Brewer, Stefano Cossi, knows how to brew it. The whole team know how to deliver the results.

There are three reasons why Jaipur is a world-champion beer. Why styles old and new are executed with thrilling precision. Why I would choose a Thornbridge beer over any other cask in the world.

Innovation. Passion. Knowledge.

You can taste it in every Thornbridge pint.

Why try? They're the best beers brewed in England.

What to look for? Jaipur. Kipling. Brock. And, if you're oh-so-lucky, Bracia.

Where to buy? Plenty of places across the country but rarely better than drinking it the Sheffield Tap, The Bear in Alderwasley, Packhorse Inn in Little Longstone or Greystones in Sheffield. And myBrewerytap have a range of bottles on sale too.


  1. Can I add a shout out for The Port Street Beer House, Manchester on the Where To Buy list. Always a Thornbridge cask beer on tap, always in great condition. Plenty more bottles in the fridges as well, including Bracia (if you don't mind parting with £15 for the privilege...)

  2. I greatly enjoy Thornbridge beers as well, and they are often represented at Pivni and the Old White Swan in York. Come and get some!

  3. No mention of the Coach & Horses? Still the best place to drink their beers if you ask me.

    Just a shame I won't be able to attend 3 Valleys beer fest this year. :-(

  4. Reluctant Scooper19 May 2011 at 07:22

    Whoops. Slightly embarrassed to have forgotten the C&H Dronfield. It was the draft, honest... no website, that's why it got lost from the last bit. Honest!

    Was there last week; the place may have changed but it's still served the best pint of Jaipur I've had in ages.