FABPOW! Buxton Black Rocks & Heinz Alphabetti

Once upon a time, in a blog not too far away, Mark Dredge came up with the term FABPOW when writing about his food and beer pairing of the week. So it must be time for me to shamelessly appropriate - I mean, pay homage - to the term.

For this pairing, you will need:

- one bottle of Buxton Black Rocks
- two tins of Heinz Alphabetti
- four slices of bread (Warburton's Crusty preferable)

Warm Alphabetti. Toast two slices of bread. Pour Alphabetti onto toast. Pour Black Rocks into pint glass.


Then, if you have far too much time on your hands, open the other tin of Alphabetti into a dish whilst toasting the other two slices of bread. Sort letters. Think about how good the food and beer pairing was. And say it with spaghetti-on-toast;

Calculate the total scores for looks, aroma and taste:

Find one-word to summarise

And be honest with how you feel about the term Black IPA:

Buxton Black Rocks is a great beer. Huge grapefruit nose, a kind of Black Jack chew flavour - in fact, if you're of a certain generation, try to remember what is what like to chew a Black Jack and a Fruit Salad at the same time. That gets you close to what's going on with Black Rocks. No roasty, big fruity. Is it a Thornbridge Raven-beater? For sure. Dude.


  1. Chewing a black jack and a fruit salad at the same time! Love it ... what an awesome tasting note!


  2. Great post - possibly the best use of a FABPOW I've seen!

    How much time did that take though... And how many bottles of Black Rocks did it take to get inspiration?! :)

    I might need to try a return homage using Alphabites...

  3. hahahaha love the post! Really glad you liked the beer...I've been agonising, tweaking, pondering it for a while now but am pretty happy with it now!

  4. Very classy ;) ....but then again I can't really talk with my Bracia and plain ham sandwich. - It's the simple foods that make me smile :)

  5. Genius! You should have added a Potato Smilie Face to show how good the FABPOW was.

  6. I've just found this post and its left me with a big smile on my face. Goodwork FABPOWPOW