Twenty breweries: Little Ale Cart

How many times do you hear brewers being criticised for all their beer tasting the same? Is that really criticism at all? Or is it an indication of consistency?

It's quite possible that the Little Ale Cart brewery, a one-barrel plant shoehorned into the back of the Wellington pub in Sheffield, do brew some dark beers. It's possible that pixies ballet dance along the bar as well. Never mind the conjecture, let's establish the facts: the names on the clips seemingly change every day but the story stays the same; pale beer, well-hopped, well brewed.

In a city that's awash with great beer in general and pale ale in particular, it takes something special to recommend one pub and its wares. Others try to vary their line-up; Little Ale Cart sticks with the knitting and delivers definitive pale and hoppy beer over and over again.

Why try? If you like pale and hoppy, they brew superlative pale and hoppy. Like you need reminding.

What to look for? Whatever the pale, hoppy ones are called when you visit. Probably some kind of locomotive.

Where to buy? The Wellington, Henry Street, Shalesmoor, Sheffield. Next to the Shalesmoor tram stop. Beer brewed on the premises.


  1. It was 1 BBL when Neil brewed there but it's been a "nominal" 5 ever since it re-opened in 2008.

    And I know from experience that we can get 6.5 BBL out of it with only a bit foaming all over the place down the side of the copper...

    And LAC have done 3 stouts and 2 dark beers now, although over 200 pale beers kind of make them a bit of an afterthought.

  2. Cheers Gazza - duff gen fed to me once more. I should have asked you or Dave...

    I've a vague memory of a LAC stout. Very, very vague. And a dark beer of yours, perhaps?