Beery Advent Calendar #9

I've been sat here for twenty minutes trying to nail today's Advent entry.

Something along the lines of world-class beer being brewed in London. About a brewer who can turn his hand to a range of styles both historic and contemporary. About beers that are winning critical acclaim, the attention of beer geeks and the undying love of drinkers who stumble across the bottles.

Meanwhile, I've done sod-all except savour every last drop of a mango-laden, citric-licked IPA whose name, SCANS - Simcoe, Citra, Apollo, Nelson Sauvin - is basically hop porn. And it's the best bottled IPA I've tried this year. And I wish I'd bought a case of it.

And now I'm going to open my last bottle.

Today's beer is IPA SCANS by The Kernel whose beers can be bought all around the Sarf and also online at beermerchants (where I bought mine).

Today's gift: a great article on British hop development by Dr Peter Darby

Today's picture: for no other reason than the fact that Peter McKee is cooler than cool: