Beery Advent Calendar #10

It's been a long day. A really, really long day. Packed full of eyestrain and Jaipur.

If you're one of my colleagues reading this, I didn't spend the day on Wikipedia learning about the Japanese Imperial Navy, Bridget Riley and Yeman.

The several pints of Jaipur tonight were fun. Even if my colleagues caved in and resorted eventually to being lager-drinking lily-livered arse-wipes. Except for the boss-man; as a fellow Stella-drinker, I salute you.

Feeling oxymoronic, I thought I ought to crack open a bottle of Beer Here Black Cat. I cannot begin to express my ambivalence about a beer described by others as a "black IPA". But I will express my surprise and delight about a beer that features 'chokolade' and 'New Zealandsk Nelson Sauvin'.

And my regrets: too herbal, not enough chocolate. It's actually hard work. It seems to work against itself. To be true, it borders upon the unpleasant. There's a bitter Rubicon in beers and it shouldn't appear on this one's flavour horizon; sadly it arrives too soon. Inserting citrics into beer is easy; knowing when to stop is paramount. This was one step beyond.

Today's gift: C'etait un rendezvous. And about time.

Today's picture: Bridget.