Beery Advent Calendar #23

Glutinous snot, backache and generally-not-fancying-a-beer have conspired against a good run of beery Advent entries this year. Never mind, eh.

Tonight's was a belter, though. Beowulf are one of those brewers that knock out dependable beers until they go dark - then they brew beers that are simply sublime.

Finn's Hall Porter and Dragon Smoke Stout are two of the finest dark cask beers in England. Strong Mild may be one of the best bottled English beers I've tried this year. Massive body, vineous notes, hedgerow fruit, a boozy burn... 7.4% of burning plummy goodness. Fantastic.

Tonight's gift: the second half of Marillion's finest nerdy folklore-rock moment

Tonight's picture: I've had gluey crap in most of these body parts this week. It ruins the life of a beer drinker. Well, it ruins you if you actually want to taste and appreciate beer: