Beery Advent Calendar #8

Now then.

The loose idea behind this series - yes, dear toper, there is an idea - was to pull random bottles from the Big Beer Grotto (the garage) and go bleh bleh meh about them.

So there's no room here to talk about today's great cask beers (Dark Star Green Hop IPA, Milton Augustus, Thornbridge Merrie).

Nor the opportunity to discuss keg (Crown Brooklyn Heights, Schneider Aventinus, Stone Ruination).

Here's to a case of bottled beers that I've had sat in the cellar of the Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield, for Quite Some Time Indeed. To a beer that was Best Before this April but still tastes fine and dandy. One that offers you up two lumps; coffee-malt, strained hops.

Mikkeller Jackie Brown.

Drank it on the train home back from Sheffield tonight. Drinking it now. Good stuff.

If you happen to be in Sheffield next Tuesday, I'll bung you a bottle. First come, first served etc.

Tonight's gift: Why Don't You Just Go Out And Turn Off The Interweb, Go Out And Brew Something Less Boring Instead?

Tonight's picture: Hendo! Hendo! HENDO!

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  1. If you like a bargain - you can get bottles of Jackie Brown in Rhythm and Booze for a pound each at the moment.