Spitfire: 20 years of punning good fun

I've always had a sneaking appreciation for the Shepherd Neame Spitfire adverts. Visually arresting, the World War Two-themed posters and TV commercials have courted controversy at times but have stayed (nearly always) on the right side of the advertising guidelines.

This year, Spitfire is twenty years old and to celebrate it's been given a new website that showcases those classic ads as well as offering you the chance to make your own. Those spiffing chaps at Sheps also have beer to give away - a case of Spitfire could be yours if you watch the video below and spot which famous English landmark features in the film. Send your answer by email to toby.young@the7thchamber.com.

Honesty note: I received a case of Spitfire Ale in return for writing this article - that case will be donated to a Help For Heroes picnic fundraiser that I'm attending at the end of the month. Thanks to Shepherd Neame for their continued support of this charity.



  1. I always find the Spitfire ads are very good for smoking out folk who are prissy, joyless and politically correct.

  2. Too right. If you can't have a laugh at the krauts and the queers, who's left?