Five Beers You Must Try Before You Diet

April's attempt at dieting was almost successful. Tuna pasta salad, good. Bananas, good. Shadow boxing, good. But then... eight pints around Sheffield along with a full Sunday lunch, bad. Several bottles of imperial stout with bars of Valrhona chocolate, bad. Just one more chunk of Stilton with a large pork pie and several pints of bitter, bad.

Time to get serious in May, then. But before I do, and seeing as it's Bank Holiday tomorrow, it's time for a few beers. I'd be surprised if most of this motley crew don't appear in the books that I'm currently reading for review here; Zak Avery's "500 beers" and Adrian Tierney-Jones' "1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die". I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to say about them. I'm also fairly keen on drinking the beers too :-)


  1. That picture could be a centrefold in PlayBeer!

  2. had 3 of those and completely agreed, will have to get my hands on the other two if they come that highly recommended