Respect The Hops

I've been here before with exhortations about Russian River's Blind Pig. But here goes again.

Hoppy beers invariably taste better when fresh. When you get the chance to drink hoppy beers that have tucked away a few air miles, you ought to drink them at your earliest convenience.

So tonight, I will mostly be revelling in the humulus lupulus overload delivered by two US brewers; 21st Amendment's Brew Free! Or Die IPA and Captain Lawrence's Captain's Reserve Imperial IPA. The latter I had at the Great British Beer festival last year, indeed I drank it until I was decidedly wobbly. The former - well, Nico and Shaun's 'tasty crack can' has been something I've lusted after ever since hearing their Brewing Network ads. It's IPA, chock-full of six lush hops, all in a can. In fact, I'm chugging it back right now.

You got hoppy beer? Drink the mother-suckers. Your palate will thank you for doing so.

ps - the fresh fresh fresh bottles of Viven IIPA and Brewdog Punk IPA earlier on were all rather fine and dandy too. Thanks to Phil Lowry for the Belgo-US hop shocks and a yay! to Asda for stocking Punk and making my early morning shopping worthwhile.

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  1. Had 'em both in the US the other week, both need more hops. Nowhere near enough in either, the 21st Amendment is particularly poor IMO.

    Americans need some Brits to show them how to use their hops; leave out the rancid crystal malt and let the hops shine!!!