Give it away now

Warning: this post contains images of West Coast USA beer porn.

How fantastic does it feel when someone gives you beer? If you're participating in the Twitter beerswap, you know what I mean. You've bundled off a parcel of goodies to someone and in return you're receiving random beer. Unless you're the poor sod to whom I was supposed to send beer last year when beerswap first ran. And I forgot. Shit. If I can remember who you are, I'll pull a bottle from my super secret stash and send it to you.

When you meet up with beery people, there's often a flurry of bubble-wrap and bottle for furtive exchange under pub tables. Brewers and writers who want to spread the word, local beers that are common as horse muck to one man but rare as rocking hoss shit to another, or imports from far-flung shores that make their way around the chain.

Think of those great beers you may have been given. How you'd probably never have got to try them if it wasn't for some benevolent soul.

Now think how great it feels to be the one who dishes the beer goodies out.

We've all got good beer near to us. Pick up a couple of bottles, stash them in a bag and the next time you meet up with friends from further away, pass those beers on. Spread the malt & hops. You'll find it's contagious.

My good friends Scott and Mary Frost will be winging their way back to California soon with a selection of Thornbridge and Hopshackle's finest. Meanwhile, I'll be choking some of these beers down this weekend. Cheers, Frosties!


  1. I can probably find out who your swappers was if you want ;op

  2. Totally agree, although it's mostly homebrew with me, beer swapping rocks.

  3. Carting beer about sucks. It's too heavy. How many bottles did I bring back from Chicago? A big fat zero.

    Mind you I have given beers to bloggers I've met. I'd probably never drink them anyway.