Reluctant Scooper Live! at Norwich Beer Festival

And now ... from Norwich... it's the Scoop of the week!

Next Tuesday (30th October) I'm running a tasting session of foreign beers - bottled and draught - at the Norwich CAMRA beer festival. That's right - I've been giving the pick of the list to present a beer range that will focus on classic styles from across Europe and the US.

Will I choose every sour beer I can get my hands on? Will we start and end on Orval, with a few bottles of Orval in the middle? Or will we spend a couple of hours comparing the subtle nuances of Jupiler and Heineken?

(OK, it won't be the latter. As I've never been to the Norwich beer festival before and I'd like to be invited back).

Well, there's only one way to find out. Reserve your ticket today.

It's only £15. There'll be plenty of beer. It's the sale of the century!

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  1. Moving up in the world hey! Soon you won't be wanting to drink with us mere mortals! Hope all goes well! ;-)