Accentuate the positive

Some of you know me. You know I'm a glass-half-full person. Anyone who says that's because I'm usually close to the bar will get a slap.

Sometimes, I feel like someone elbowed me on their way to the bar and made me spill my half-full glass.

I could rail on about how I had barely five hours of uncomfortable sleep before failing to make breakfast, failing to sort the laundry / washing up, got sod-cold freezing around town, had to listen to some gobshite down the pub prattle on and on and on about the problems with his mother / his boss / his boss's boss / his boss's boss's quality management system. About how lower back ache spreads with stealth, ruthless efficiency and a steady crescendo of pain as if God was torturing this heathen for sitting on an old pew. How I dragged myself home and burned the veg and planned a walk where all the footpaths are closed and became progressively more annoyed by idiotic internet hyperbole and ill-informed attitude and how X-Factor actually makes me feel physically sick.

Or I could make the most of this tactical retreat to the study. Play some Steve Reich and drink a world-class beer because... well, that's what world-class beer was invented for. Not to be stuffed in a box. Not to be shared around twenty freaks and rated by the thimble-full.

To be drank. To be enjoyed.

Tonight: Steve Reich, Music For 18 Musicians and Thornbridge / Odell Pond Hopper.

And a smile back on my face.

Got to go now. My glass is half-full again. It needs a top-up from the bottle in the fridge.