Good beer. Good people. Good places

Some of my friends have been in Bodegraven.

Some of my friends have been in Stockholm.

Some of my friends have been in Cockermouth.

Some of my fiends were messing it up in Nottingham.

What did we all do? Drank good beer with good people in good places.

And some of us drew genitalia onto a rubber chicken.

It's where you find it. Good to know that you can find it all the way around Yerp.

And, maybe for just a few hours, we could stop the bullshit "this is" and "that's craft".

And remember why we do this.

Beer Is Good.

1 comment:

  1. You are right. I must remember to draw a cock on a chicken next time I'm in the pub. Back to basics and all that. Feet on the ground.