What price the future of the 'craft beer' revolution?

When I was in London in the summer, I wondered aloud more than a few times why there aren't even more entrepreneurs turning around jaded places into thriving places. An article today in City AM by Charlie McVeigh, founder of the Draft House group, shows just how tough it is for even successful businessmen to negotiate credit with the banks.

The problem with the green shoots of recovery is that they're often down-trodden by banking practice. Some of the most attractive pub openings of late have been the result of innovative deals between entrepreneurs and pubcos, whether it involves freeing up the beer tie or finding ways to revitalise tied sales by supplementing them with new brewer's product.

I can see the likes of Draft House and Craft Beer Co being concepts that their owners can exploit not just around the capital but out to cities nationwide. But if their entrepreneurial spirit isn't nurtured, if the banks don't take the sector seriously, we're in danger of losing precious momentum in the 'craft beer' revolution.