For the kill, not the thrill of the chase

It only takes one e-mail.

Sunday morning, about to reach for my walking boots. Contemplating an early autumn day of fresh breezes and mud between my cleats. And then...

"Sheffield Tap. Just gone on - Kipling, dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Also still on Thornbridge/The Kernel Coalition Burton Ale".

The purpose of the Yahoo group Scoopgen is to share, err, gen about scoops. Let's try that again. Members share information about beer availability that they think would be of interest to other members. They can also bore the arses off each other when they forget that it's not a forum for endless pedantic/semantic debate, but that's another story.

I scan through the emails on the web and was just idling through the previous night's updates when I read the one above. And twenty minutes later I was on my way into Sheffield. After just over an hour, I was sat in the Tap enjoying those two glorious beers.

And more - Magic Rock Cannonball and Dark Arts on keg, Brewdog Mr Squirrel likewise. More Dark Arts after missing my train. Marble Weizen on the train.

Sometimes, I'm not interested in the moving target, the hope and expectation, the thrill of the chase.

I'm in it for the moment. I want to get my hands round the blighter.

I'm in it for the kill.

Why the picture of an Orval beermat? Why not? 


  1. What did you think of the dry hopped Kipling...? I thought it didn't work, the extra NS detracted. The dry hopped Jaipur was quite nice though...