Is the alcohol message all wrong?

If you love beer, do four things today:

- read this by Kate Fox, co-director of the Social Issues Research Centre, about alcohol, violence, education and mis-understandinng.

- listen to the full version on Radio 4 tonight - Four Thought, 2045 - and if you miss it then catch up with it via iPlayer or podcast:

- read the original SIRC paper on alcohol and violence:

- use that knowledge in the future. Rebut scuttlebut with it. Counter fallacious arguments across the interwebs. Use it as a line in the sand before neo-prohibitionists and say - thou shalt not cross.

Alcohol is not irresponsible. But some people are - with or without a drink inside them.


  1. SIRC is funded by Diageo, Greene King, Pimm's(!) and the Wine Trade Action Group, among others; the advisory board is the biggest collection of pseudo-academic talking heads and has-beens you could hope to find. I just don't trust the blighters, even when they're talking perfect sense (which in this case they certainly are).

  2. Everybody funds somebody, though. At least SIRC are transparent about this. If can't trust the government, the charities, the universities or big business to fund research, who can you trust ;-)

  3. Who cares about funding? This is blogging, what matters is whether it confirms your pre existing opinion. In that case it is good, otherwise it is rot.

  4. Have you been on the superstrength again, Cookie? I'm sure there's either a salient point or a joke in there but I can't quite find it...