UK bottled beer history for sale

I have a vintage beer collection. When I say collection, I mean a box of beers in the garage. When I say vintage, I mean 1999 onwards. Every autumn I open the box, check the bottles, think of drinking one, put it back, reseal the box. Twenty-odd bottles, sat in my garage.

Mike Peterson has a vintage beer collection. When I say collection, I mean possibly the largest collection of full commemorative bottled beers in the UK. When I say vintage, I mean 1880 onwards. Every year since 1977, he's added to it. Over two and a half thousand beers...

... and he's put them up for sale.

This isn't just a beer garage sale. This is an historic, unique, world-class sale. Champagne-sized imperial Russian stouts from Barclay Perkins. Stacks of Bass Museum specials. Coronation and Jubilee beers from a whole host of English brewers. The first and last brews from historic breweries.

And for the Guinness lover in your life,  a collection of almost one hundred commemorative bottlings celebrating everything from their bicentenary to the thirtieth anniversary of Aldergrove Airport.

An Excel 2007 sheet detailing the beers is available for download here. If you don't have the program, you can download an Excel 2007 viewer here.

Never mind those random ebay auctions. If you're serious about investing in a little bit of British brewing history, go visit his site and make him an offer.


  1. Hold the phone! Diageo did a series of commemorative bottlings for Alec Guinness? They do know where he got his surname from, don't they?

  2. The things they do for money... ;-)