Twas the night before GBBF

And in this toper's house, no-one is stirring.

No late planning, no highlighted-lists, no arch strategy-making.

Tomorrow is all about boozing, schmoozing.

And ginger wig wearing.

I want to get as many people as possible wearing it. Not at the same time, of course.

I'll take photos. I'll post them here. And there will be a prize of some sort.

Bonus points can be had if wig-wearing makes you look like Nursie from Blackadder. Or Brian Blessed.

Yes, it had been washed. No, it wasn't coconut conditioner. It was last washed in Mongozo and it smells well lush.

If you're around GBBF tomorrow, come say hello. Or run away screaming up Warwick Road. Just buy me a beer first.