A London Miscellany: Introduction

Time to play catch-up with a rattle-bag of notes, Tweets and blurry photos from my recent London trip. Empty bridges, a rowdy Routemaster, many sausage rolls, sharing beers with a brewer or five. But first, some observations.

I've been to sixteen London pubs for the first time this year. About half of those have only been trading since last year.

The number of breweries in London has almost doubled in the last five years to thirteen; nine more are under development and due to open during the next six months.

London is no longer under the lock-down of regional brewers and pubcos. Maybe it hasn't been for some time. Maybe it took time for entrepreneurs to work that out.

Every time I return to to the capital, I have another couple of pubs and a new brewery on my radar. When a toper is tired of London, he is tired of beer...


  1. well said.it has really picked up in the last few years.the brewers seem to like getting together to brew beers and we are getting the results with some great beers.
    cheers john

  2. Are you able to divulge further detail on the nine breweries due to open in the next six months? Very exciting.

  3. Des de Moor is keeping tabs on the new London brewers;


  4. heres a few
    london fields(east london)
    red church(east london)
    moncado(ladbrooke grove)
    by the horns(wandsworth)
    and the guy who has the Bree Liouse is opening a brew pub (goldhawk rd)
    the Antic pub chain are also going to brew there own beer for their pubs.
    cheers john