Heineken and Ethiopia

Sometimes, I spend weeks germinating an idea for a blog post. Sometimes, they sprout spontaneously. Sometimes, they write themseleves.

"Medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) launched a mass vaccination Thursday against measles at a refugee camp in southern Ethiopia hosting Somalis who have fled a severe drought.

The UN refugee agency at the weekend announced a measles outbreak in the camps where the residents are especially vulnerable to communicable diseases due to congestion and immunity weakened by malnutrition.

The Dolo Ado camps host 118,400 Somali refugees, including 78,000 who arrived this year, and on the first day 3,000 children were vaccinated". (1)

"£134 would pay for a measles vaccination for 1500 children". (2)

"Heineken said that it has completed the buyouts of Bedele and Harar breweries from Ethiopia's Government. It has paid US$85m and $78m respectively for the plants. Consumption of beer and non-alcoholic malt drinks is just 4 litres per capita among Ethiopia's 85m-strong population, the Netherlands-based brewer said". (3)

"Heineken has launched the Heineken Africa Foundation to support the improvement of health for people living in Sub-Saharan African communities by financially supporting relevant health projects and health-related education". (4)

I've asked the Heineken Africa Foundation what financial support they are giving to Médecins Sans Frontières and other agencies engaged in Ethiopia. I await their reply.

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