Infected for your pleasure: sour beer blogging, live! Updated!

It's time for The Session, the international monthly beer blogging bonanza. This month's topic thanks to Jon at The Brew Site, is sour beer.

Now, I fancy a challenge. Today I'm London and I have the technology to blog live for the first time. I'm off to find the best sour beers that the capital can throw at me. This may be ambitious but rubbish... so check back later to see what I find.

Update, 11:38. Craft Beer Company, Leather Lane. First time here; it's a beergasm with a glass ceiling. And it's got Giradin Faro on draft. And it's... amazing. Effortlessly drinkable this early in the day. Sour gums, sweet tongue. I could stay here all day - 7 Mikkellers on keg, for starters - but I need to boogie onwards.

Updated 15:20, Rake, Winchester Walk. Boon Framboise. Not sour enough? Who cares! I'm sweating like a Scouser in Dixons and, sometimes, only a fruit-based drink will do.

Update, August 12th. That didn't work too well, did it? Fell asleep on the Tube, didn't drink any more sours that night. I'll revisit sours later on next week...

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  1. It seems the "live" part of the blogging has got re-prioritised behind the drinking part!

    Hope you've found some good sourz ;-)