BrewDogging #8; Bad Pixie

A long time ago, in a prototype competition far far away, BrewDog unleashed three beers. Two of them went on to be brewed regularly; the hop bomb of Chaos Theory and the none-more-black lager Zeitgeist. Tonight, I'm trying the one that got away - Bad Pixie.

Let's cut to the chase. It's a crap name; seemingly spat out of a random-title generator. Bad Pixie is only a few clicks away from Enamored Orc or Sexually Frustrated Goblin. The beer idea is better, though, a 4.7% wheat beer brewed with juniper berries and lemon peel. And when I tried one last year, I was almost impressed.

Time to insert a caveat here- this beer was released last year, it's not bottle conditioned, so it may be some distance away from BrewDog's intentions. Suffice to say, though, it poured flat as a fart. A wrist-twiddle did froth up a head, along with an aroma of slight spicy lemon and wet stainless steel.

More metallic notes through the flavour, too. Some pithy lemon, an itchy old pine whiff, all with the feel of being drank out of an old tin mug. Perhaps this was knockout in the summer. A year down the line, it's clinging on for dear life. I'd better go and drink the last one...

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  1. funnily enough I did a stock take in my cellar on Sunday, and found two bottles of Pixie lurking at the back...

    I don't recall being over-impressed when it came out, which is why 2 of my 3 bottles got forgotten. I remember voting for Chaos Theory (one of the best beers Brewdog have produced), Zeitgeist was pretty good, Pixie just didn't stand up against them.

    even with some life in it, I just thought the juniper overpowered everything else (but then I'm no fan of juniper, so maybe that explains it)