BrewDogging #16; Movember

An unexpected bonus of my recent trip to the Rake in London was the fleeting presence of James Watt from Brewdog, clutching a bunch of bottles liberally distributed amongst the clan meet. One of those was Movember; a charity initiative that I'm involved in to, er, grow a moustache and raise funds for the support of prostrate cancer charities. Brewdog had brewed a synonymous beer for the occasion, donating 25% of the sale price to the Movember cause.

The beer itself was a mild-mannered 4.5% blend of Brewdog's 77 Lager and Trashy Blonde. And, I couldn't believe it's got butter. Well, actually, I can. Some bottles have been notoriously diacetyl-laden; sadly, this was one of them.

Looked like clarified butter. Smelled of butter. Tasted of butter.

Great sentiment, guys... but next time, perhaps brew something original. And tasty. And rested.

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